Bob Crews (February 18, 1919 - March 19, 2007)


Bob Crews sang lead for the All American Quartet in 1947 for a short time before joining the Harmoneers where he stayed until 1954. He joined the Deep South Quartet that same year, but was only with them for a short time. In 1957, Crews returned to assume the management role and sing baritone for the Harmoneers where he remained until the group retired around 1963.


1977 Bob Crews Presents The Poplar Springs Choir (Songs Of Sharon/1133): The King Is Coming; God Bless You, Go With God; How Great Thou Art; At The Crossing; Till The Storm Passes By; Blow Your Trumpet Gabriel; I Just Feel Like Something Godd Is About To Happen; The Cross Made The Difference; All In The Name Of Jesus; No One Ever Cared So Much; He Touched Me; Grace.

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